What is Prime Starters®

PRIME Starters® is a division of Plants Management Australia Pty Ltd (PMA) which manages the greenstock distribution of PMA varietes.

PRIME Starters® was born out of the need to provide professional and comprehensive management of greenstock supplies around Australia. PRIME Starters® contracts leading propagators and suppliers to produce high quality product for wholesale growers. Our focus continues to be on providing the best possible start to our innovative plant varieties.

PMA travel the world seeking new opportunities and work with independent breeders to bring the very best in horticultural innovation to Australia. Behind every new variety sits years of relationship building, site visits, import costs, commercial trials, protection costs and market research.

PRIME Starters® provides a formal link between supply of these new products and distribution to our national network of licensed wholesale growers.

The opportunity for affiliation with the PRIME Starters® network involves none of the outlays which PMA incurs in it’s effort to bring premium leading plant lines to market. All PRIME Starters® asks for is the dedication of it’s partners, to produce a quality product.